Tellico 0.13.7 Released

Another minor release is available for Tellico. Version 0.13.7 has an updated Dutch translation, thanks to Fred Marchee, an updated French translation, thanks to Regis Boudin, and fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed bug with clearing text in table fields.
  • Fixed bug with cover images not being shown as icons in the
    icon view.
  • Fixed bug for fields with reserved names, like entry or
  • Fixed bug with illegal derived XML names, Debian #306067.

Sarge and Hoary backports available for Tellico

Regis Boudin has kindly contributed Tellico packages for the Debian sarge (3.1) and Ubuntu hoary (5.04) distributions. Sarge was frozen with version 0.13.3 and hoary was released with version 0.13.1 in its universe repository.

You can add

  deb sarge main

to your sources.list file for sarge binary packages and

  deb-src sarge main

for source packages. Hoary users should replace sarge with hoary.

Tellico has a mailing list

I decided to use Novell Forge to host a mailing list for Tellico. I may end up using it for bug tracking, SVN, or file hosting as well, but that’s yet in the future.

For more information, visit the tellico-users info page or peruse the tellico-users list archives.

now, any topic is fair game, including bug reports, patches, requests for
enhancements, usage, etc. If the list volume ever merits it, I’ll create a
-devel or -i18n list, but for now, the -users list is the only one. Also, if the list volume picks up to something more than a few messages a week, I’ll add an -announce list just for release announcements, etc.