Tellico may not show icons

Tellico 0.13.6 may not show the proper cover images in the icon view. Instead, it will show just the default program icon, with the three stacked books. I changed some of the layout code to try to fix a crashing bug, but which now seems to be prematurely deciding that the collection has no image fields. I’ll have it fixed for the next release, which may be a 0.13.7, since I have a couple of other small fixes to include, as well.

Bethany Joy Lenz knows a thing or three

My brother sent me a link to an answer by Bethany Joy Lenz to a question about a girl’s shyness. Her answer is very refreshing:

So, the guy you like is just sitting around waiting for YOU to make the first move? Well, chances are that if he’s not willing to take the first risk and ask YOU out, he’s not going to be willing to take risks to defend and protect you during your relationship. And that will NOT be fun. You’ll end up feeling let down, and he’ll end up feeling like a coward. And you are too precious for that! You deserve to be pursued (contrary to everything you may read or hear about the “modern woman”).

Preach it, sister! That whole paragraph needs to be drilled into the head of any guy who thinks he’ll ever be asking any lady out. Making a conscious decision to “pursue” is a gift that every guy should make to any lady he plans to ask out.

On the other side, any lady who is being “pursued” in a dating sense should not construe that as “pursuit” with heavy expectations of matrimonial ends. Two separate issues, very important not to confuse them.

Ryan Seacrest is outta luck

According to the Washington Post: Hold the quiche: Manly men are back

A full 61 percent of women surveyed said they would rather see a man’s hands rough and working hard than well-manicured, a slap in the face to the extreme-makeover, suave-guy crowd.

David Wygant is a relationship consultant quoted in the article, as saying “Women are looking for confident men, not manly men.” Somehow, I’d believe his statement more if he were female. And I hypothesize that confidence is a mark of a manly man.

To be sure, I doubt the same level holds true for the Los Angeles area. Even though

75 percent of women said their ideal man buys his grooming products at a grocery store or drugstore, not a salon.

there are probably more hair salons for men out here, per capita, than anywhere in the world.

Tellico in Rosetta

Rosetta is an online translation tool, set up by the same folks that created the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I just discovered that someone registered Tellico on the site. That’s neat. I just need to figure out what that means.

I registered myself, and it looks like several of the existing translations for Tellico have been imported. I need to figure out how to export the new translations as po-file updates, so I can get them into Tellico.

If you are using Rosetta for Tellico translations, would you drop me an email and let me know how you plan to let me know about translations? It looks like a super tool for people, and I want to make sure I keep up with it.

Tellico 0.13.6 Released

I had a few minor bug fixes, plus a new translation, so I decided to throw together version 0.13.6 of Tellico. Ligia Moreira contributed a Portuguese translation. Hidden items are no longer selectable, and importing multiple entries using the internet search now properly adds images.