Tellico 0.12 Released

Tellico is a collection manager, providing default templates for books, bibliographies, videos, music, coins, stamps, trading cards, comic books, and wines, along with support for custom collections. Using the KDE libraries, Tellico organizes your collection in various ways to help you keep track of your collectibles.

Tellico 0.12 is functionally equivalent to Bookcase 0.11. The only changes were in the application name. Old versions of Bookcase should be uninstalled, since Tellico uses a different location for storing application-specific data and configuration files.

Renaming Bookcase

I was recently contacted by Epigroove, makers of an application called BookCaseTM. They have a trademark on the term, BookCase, and asked me to change the name of my software. I certainly don’t want any confusion, and they do have a trademark, so I agreed to rename my Bookcase.

I’ve been tossing around names for the past week or so. A few generic names did suggest themselves:

  • Collector – rather generic, but simple and informative as to the nature of the software.
  • Kollector – following the KDE meme of using the letter ‘K’ everywhere, but I find that rather silly.
  • KCollector, KBook, KCatalog, etc. – out for the same reason.

I also considered names with more of an exotic-feel to them:

  • Callimachus – the name of the librarian at Alexandria, and suggested by a user. Might step on the toes of the Callimachus Group, though.
  • Colophon – I’m partial to names with Greek or Latin heritage, and while Colophon doesn’t really describe the function of the software, I thought it had a cool sound and was at least relevant to books.
  • Hyperdex – considering the software to index a collection, along with the always popular hyper- prefix, but I figured hyperdex might be a little too weird.
  • Bacchus – the Greek god of wine. Has a similar phonetic sound to Bookcase.
  • Tacoma – taking the first two letters from collection manager, and finding a word to fit, well, I like that, and neither the state of Washington or Toyota would probably mind.

But, I think I have settled on Tellico, which is the name of a town close to where I grew up. Sure, the name has nothing to do with the software’s function. Sure, that probably means that some users may not discover it as easily. But, I like the sound, and naming my software after my home-town is appealing. Plus, most users either click an icon or find the menu item anyway, so the name doesn’t really matter. KDE is nice enough to add Collection Manager to the menu item, as well. And I’m fairly certain that I won’t have to go through another name change in the future, either, since I can’t find any other software named Tellico nor does it seem to be trademarked.

I’m going to ruminate on the name change a little longer before deciding. The name-change will be the whole hog, though; all of the documentation, etc. I’ll change the URL of the app, but use an HTTP redirect so I don’t break things. I’ll probably leave the default file extension as .bc. I’m not sure what the name change will do to the application records at Freshmeat or, but maybe they can cope.

Comments are welcome…

New icons for Bookcase

Virginie Quesnay sent me some new icons for Bookcase. I like them so much, I’m going to incorporate them as the default icons for the next release. Since Bookcase will have a new name, the new icons will be appropriate. Although more than just book collections are supported, I like the idea of tying the icon to the original function of the software – namely, tracking a book collection.

Now I just need to make sure I’m installing the mimetype icon properly.

Oh, and Virginie’s icons fit into the Nuvola icon theme rather nicely.

Joel on Dean and Rory

Joel Spolsky is something of a software guru. He’s written several articles and recently, a book, about software matters. I read his journal occasionally. A recent item tells me I am not the only pseudo-geek in the world to appreciate the Gilmore Girls!

The only correct answer is NO, it is Not A Good Thing That Rory Slept With Dean.

Bookcase 0.11 Released

After a couple of suggestions from Bookcase users, I added a couple more importers to Bookcase for version 0.11, code-named tempus omnia revelat. First, if you have taglib installed, Bookcase can scan a directory of audio files, and create a collection from the metadata for all the albums represented by those files. In addition, if libcdda from the cdparanoia package and libkcddb from kdemultimedia are installed, Bookcase can query the FreeDB website for CDDB information about an audio CD.

FInally, I added experimental import and export for Alexandria libraries. Alexandria is a Gnome book collection manager, so maybe this can facilitate users moving between the two applications. Obviously, quite a bit of information is lost when exporting to Alexandria since Bookcase can contain many more fields, but the major ones should stay intact.

Minor additions include an updated Norwegian translation, some fixes for crashing in the find and CSV import dialogs, and support for gcc 2.95..

The Mandrake RPM files I built now require libkdemultimedia-kscd and libcdda0. Using urpmi is the smart way to install the RPM files on Mandrake.

The new configure checks for the additional libraries may have some bugs, so if you get compilation errors, please let me know. And the CDDB lookup seems to fail more often than it should, I’m still investigating that.