Bookcase 0.10 Released

Bookcase 0.10, a.k.a. Missing Norway is available. Bookcase is a general collection manager, useful for keeping track of your book, music, or DVD collections, or any other collectible for that matter.

Version 0.10 adds a new Date type field for showing dates in the ISO 8601 format, along with a new icon view for your collection or entry group. And for the first time, Bookcase is able to search and import data directly from! Paragraph type fields may now include HTML formatting, and all line-breaks are automatically converted and retained. An option for limiting an export to the selected entries only was also added.

As always, there are no guarantees. You should always have proper backups of all your data. If you have any problems, do let me know.

Bookcase 0.10pre2 Released

Let’s try this again, shall we? Thanks to astute and diligent Bookcase users, I was emailed within hours of posting version 0.10pre1 that once again I had messed up the UI file location. Not only that, but I also failed to include the all-important XSL file for importing data. So I got those two items fixed, and bookcase-0.10pre2 .tar.gz, a.k.a. “broken sunglasses“, is now available. I’m pretty sure it won’t cause your computer to blow up and smoke like something hideous, but hey, no guarantees.

UPDATE: Bookcase 0.10 is available, so I removed the 0.10pre2 version.

Bookcase 0.10pre1 Released

Update: I made some packaging errors, so I took the link down. My apologies. The UI file wasn’t properly referenced, and the package was missing a neccessary file for the amazon import. I’ll have an updated package sometime later today.

After a bit of a delay, I’m ready to push out the next version of Bookcase. Version 0.10pre1, a.k.a “pink sunglasses“, is available for a test shot. Please note that this is a test release, and as always, you should backup your data files. I make no guarantees about my coding ability.

The three new primary capabilities are:

  • Importing books, music or movies from Currently, there is no function to “auto-fill” existing entries in a collection, though.
  • A new icon view for the collection or entry groups, shown in the screenshot below. It appears whenever you select a collection or group in the left side view.
  • A new Date type field. The editor shows separate boxes for year, month, and day. With the new field, the document version got bumped, so if you save the file, older versions of Bookcase will not open it!

[icon view]

I did not get around to adding z39.50 capability in this version. That will be for version 0.11, I expect. I also hope to add a separate search mode for the Library of Congress, shortly.

If you’re brave and willing, give it a shot and let me know about any new or old bugs! Thanks!