Bookcase and GCC 3.4

It appears that GCC 3.4 may be a bit more strict about compiling old C code. The btparse library that Bookcase uses internally for Bibtex export is a bit crufty, and compilation is failing. I’m not sure yet if it’s due to a bug in how I included the library or in btparse itself, but I’ll try to track it down and get it fixed. Right now, I’m afraid you’r eout of luck with GCC 3.4 and Bookcase.

Bookcase 0.9.1 Released

I just released version 0.9.1 of Bookcase, code-named “Thin Mints and Sweet Tea“, a KDE application for managing your collectibles, like books, DVDs, etc. I updated a good bit of the Bookcase Handbook. The rest of the ChangeLog looks like this:

  • Fixed a translation issue for UI file and some other
  • Improved CSV importer to know about the current
  • Changed quick filter to wait 200 ms for you quick typists out
  • Added a wait cursor when saving file.
  • Fixed bug with lyxpipe usage.
  • Fixed bug in column view when clearing an image.