Opportunity wake-up songs

I read through the status reports for Opportunity and culled this list of wake-up songs used by the rover flight controllers.

Sol Song Artist Comment
11 Please Tell Me Now Duran Duran  
13 Little Honda The Beach Boys Changing gears…
16 Paul Simon Slip Sliding Away  
19 Here I Go Again Whitesnake  
20 I LIke Dirt
Pioneers of Mars
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Karen Linsley and Lloyd Landa
21 Send Me on My Way
Desert Drive
Rusted Root
Tangerine Dream
22 Invisible Touch Genesis  
23 Spinning Wheel Blood, Sweat, and Tears Trenching
24 Trench Town Rock Bob Marley  
25 Fascination Human League  
28 I Am a Rock Simon & Garfunkel  
30 Rock’n Me Steve Miller  
31 Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley and the Comets  

Bookcase bug with HTML entities

The collection title is not properly escaped in Bookcase XSLT export, so printing and any other XSLT export that uses the title will not print if you have an apostrophe in the title, for example. I’ll have a fix in the next version.

Bookcase 0.8.4 Released

I just put out Bookcase 0.8.4. It has fixes for a Keramik layout bug, default entry template layout bug, a crashing problem when renaming certain fields, and proper character encoding when exporting HTML. It includes compilation fixes for gcc 2.95 and *BSD. A new Czech translation was added, thanks to Robert Kratky, and the Spanish and Estonian translations were updated.

Bookcase 0.8.3 Released

I don’t plan to be in the habit of having a new release of Bookcase every day. But the last couple of bugs were bad enough for me to be ashamed to have people using Bookcase at all. Folks have been helpful in pointing out the bugs, and I feel that I can respond by having a new version without them.

The new libxml API in versions > 2.6.0 uses a different mechanism for passing options to the XML parser than previous versions did, and as a result, Bookcase was grabbing the DTD from my website every time it loaded a document or changed the view. So I changed that so that no net access is allowed.

While I was at it, I fixed a bug with remembering the visible columns (though there are probably 17 more), a crashing bug when deleting paragraph fields, and a compilation bug for certain versions of libxml and libxslt.

So, grab Bookcase 0.8.3 and be happy. At least for a couple hours… 🙂

DTD polling issues

It seems that I’ve run into the same problem that Juri Pakaste did with Straw. Now that Bookcase uses a proper DTD at a canonical location, libxml seems to be grabbing it all the time from the server. And that takes too long.

One way around it is to properly register the DTD in the installed location using --with-xml-catalog option in the configure script, which doesn’t happen by default. If Bookcase is compiled with that option, then libxml doesn’t go online to find the DTD, it just looks at the installed version.

But I want to find out how to disable this in libxml. I don’t need DTD parsing.