Joel on Unicode

Joel Spolsky is a brilliant and helpful programmer cum writer. His latest piece,
The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) is a great read. Best quote:

Also they were liberal hippies in California who wanted to conserve (sneer). If they were Texans they wouldn’t have minded guzzling twice the number of bytes. But those Californian wimps couldn’t bear the idea of doubling the amount of storage it took for strings, and anyway, there were already all these doggone documents out there using various ANSI and DBCS character sets and who’s going to convert them all?

Fingers Crossed for Governor Arnold

I’m not so sure about this Governor Arnold thing, but at least the Democrats have to stop whining about the election subverting the will of the people. In 2002, Gray Davis got 3,469,025 votes for governor of California. As of this morning, Arnold Schwarzenegger got 3,477,359 votes, with 96.8% of the vote reported. All the worrying about how someone could win with less than 15% of the vote was just that, needless worrying.

I wasn’t an Arnold partisan, but I got so fed up with the coverage of the election in the LA Times that I cancelled my subscription. I’m going to give the other LA paper a shot. The Times was just so biased. In a state where the majority is registered Democrats, I could understand giving more coverage to the incumbent and other Democratic candidates. But publishing stories quoting uncorroborated, unnamed sources to smear Schwarzenegger was too much. One of the worst cases was when stories were on facing pages, Schwarzenegger about his refusal to step down from the board of U.S. English and Bustamente about his refusal to criticize MeCHA, two stories reported in completely different ways.