Crashing bug with Bookcase 0.6.3

Trying to open the “Advanced Filter” dialog within Bookcase 0.6.3 from KDE 3.0.x crashes the app. It’s a simple enough fix. Line 46 in src/bcfilterdialog.cpp should read

    : QHBox(parent_, name_), m_editRegExp(0), m_editRegExpDialog(0) {

A patch file is available if anyone wants it. This will be included in the next released version, of course.

Bookcase 0.6.3 Released

Bookcase 0.6.3 adds a Spanish translation and an updated Norwegian one. One new feature is that the column view remembers the previous sort, and uses that for sorted books with the same current sort key. In other words, if you sort first by Series Number and then by Series, books in the same series are sorted by series number, rather than randomly like Qt normally does.

Minor bugfixes include making the expand/collapse all actions work, updating the edit widget after a field category is modified, updating the group count when adding a new book, and making the name prefixes match on word boundaries

Red Hat and Debian Packages for Bookcase 0.6.2

Thanks for Bobby Rockers and Regis Boudin, Bookcase 0.6.2 packages for Red Hat 8.0 and Debian Sid are available. Regis also provided a Packages.gz file, so that adding deb ./ should allow someone to do apt-get update and apt-get install bookcase.

Connection Between Terrorist Attacks and Terrorist States

I noticed an incoming link from The-Amazing.US: Simply American, which I think refers to my comment about a rather long illogical leap between fighting Osama bin Laden and going to war in Iraq. Someone else had written to me a while back about the same thing – that 9/11 all by itself justified the military action in Iraq.

Maybe that’s so, but that statement seems to unnecessarily cloud the issue. I believe it behooves us to keep as clear as possible the reasons for every action we take, and lumping everything that the US does to combat terrorism as being justified by 9/11 seems akin to saying the D-Day Normandy invasion was justified by the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think the actions in Afghanistan and Iraq may well be battles in the same “war” against terrorism, but they are not battles on the same front. Iraq was a sovereign state which we invaded; Al-Qaida is an organization which is difficult to “invade”, per se.

In other words, I see a connection between the 9/11 attacks and the military action in Iraq, but there were many other reasons for the invasion, and minimizing them handicaps the discussion unnecessarily, in my view.

Bookcase 0.6.2 Released

Bookcase 0.6.2 fixes a couple crashing bugs, some problems with updating the popup menu and edit widgets when re-opening a file with custom fields, and adds a Norwegian translation, provided by Leif Mathis Gaup. The Bibtexml import encoding bug is finally squashed, since I now just depend on libxslt to properly read and load the file.

There’s a minor nagging bug still with the keyboard accels, which, for the life of me, I can not figure out how to fix. I use KAcceleratorManager::manage() to insert the accels for me. If the “Re-open last file at startup” option is not on, Bookcase opens with a blank file, and in this case only, the tabs don’t have accels. Once a file is opened, or even if a new one is started, the tabs have proper accels. That’s rather weird. Must be a KDE bug somewhere…

Bookcase showing the depths of my ignorance

After all the trouble I had getting the problem with the AC_Dest macro error in Bookcase fixed for version 0.6.1, it popped back up in a different incarnation. Something is screwing up the timestamps on the build files in my source tarball, and as a result, make wants to rebuild configure from, which it shouldn’t have to do. And this prevents Bookcase from building cleanly on Redhat 8. Dang it… After this, I detest the auto* system.

I think I found a solution, a temporary one at least. In the top-level bookcase-0.6.1 directory, touch some files in this order:
$ touch
$ touch aclocal.m4
$ touch
$ touch
$ touch configure

and then run ./configure && make. That should fix it so that autoconf is not required to run again. I think…

Bugs in Bookcase 0.6.1

After a day of use, some bugs in Bookcase have popped up. The most annoying is still the keyboard accels. KAcceleratorManager doesn’t work as I expect it to, and when I add a new field, it ends up adding a new tab when it shouldn’t.

Also with adding a new field, after the app is restarted, that field isn’t visible in the column view, nor is it in the menu for selectable columns. Gotta fix that…And my slots didn’t get connected properly, so if you try to add a new field to the collection you get right when you start up, it won’t work. You have to either open a current file, or start a new one.

That Bibtexml encoding bug is still there, too, just in a different shape. Dang it…that’s it, I’m firing my QA rep. 🙂

Bookcase 0.6.1 Released

Just like it’s been for the last two big releases of Bookcase, a day or two after the release, I find more small annoying bugs. Plus, version 0.6 had an irritating build problem with automake 1.7 which I got fixed. So version 0.6.1 is ready now.

Several small bugs were fixed. The group icon changes back to a folder now, instead of being the “person” icon all the time. Two Bibtexml issues, double encoding on import and wrong namespace on export, are fixed. The UIC variable was fixed, which is import for the *BSD platforms. Finally, for KDE 3.1 and up, Bookcase now uses KAccelManager for setting the keyboard accels on the edit tabs.