crashing problems with Bookcase

A couple of users have reported crashing problems with Bookcase. Problem is, the backtrace isn’t much help, it’s all in the Qt internals. And I can’t reproduce it – it happens on RedHat and Debian systems. I sent an email to the kde-devel list, and got very helpful replies from David Bishop and Andras Mantia. I changed the configure to do as David suggested and fail outright when libxslt or libxml2 is not found. I had just copied part of from the kdelibs themselves, without noticing that they’re optional. They’re required for Bookcase, so I changed the autoconf check.

Andras’ suggestion about subclassing KApplication may be something to pursue. I just can’t test it personally….sigh…

News stories from the day

It’s funny the things you can read during the day. When I read an interesting story at work, I’ll usually email it to myself so I can check on it further when I get home. Here are some stories from today:

MSNBC: NASA mulls station evacuation plan
It’s rather sad to read this one. It seems as though just when you think NASA might pull things together for the Space Station, something happens. Russia can’t fuund its program, and we’re heavily dependent on their Soyuz launchers. As an everything-but-in-name NASA employee, this bums me out.

USNews America galled France right from the start
There are some interesting observations in this piece. For example, while I did know that France was a rather big country, and a powerhouse in Europe, I would never have guessed them to be the sixth-largest economy in the world.

Letterman: Top Ten Ways Trent Lott Is Preparing For The Holidays
This is really not the way for JPL to be making Top Ten lists. The third entry is for JPL to measure the force of Lott’s hair…

And finally, as seen on Baen’s Bar, discussion boards for my favorite publisher…

Independent: In Foreign Parts: GI Janes flaunt their sports bras as body search arrives in cultural minefield of Afghan frontier
I’m not sure i believe this one. Stripping to a sports bra to prove femininity? Come one, can’t be true, not our G.I.s…

Nameserver Issues

There was a bad miscommunication with my domain registrar, and for most of the weekend, got served as a static file from Enom (which is NOT my registrar) and all paths got 404’d. It should be fixed now as soon as the nameservers propogate.

SBC/PacBell Sharing Info

As Dan Gillmor points out an article in the San Francisco Chronicle talks about SBC sharing personal information about you among all its affiliates. I did call and tell them to definitely take me out of that. Their voice mail is a mess with no immediate selection to get to a customer service representative. You’d think a phone company could have a good menu system. So I chose “Orders” thinking that would get me a real person in the quickest amount of time. As soo as I mentioned privacy and personal info, the rep mentioned the article. She knew exactly what I was referring to. It took her a long time, with lots of silencece on her end before she told me I had been opted-out of any info sharing…gee whiz…