The Man From
Snowy River

Howdy! Welcome to my Snowy River web pages. The Man From Snowy River has been my favorite movie for some time now. It's got mountains; it's got horses; it's got romance. What more do you need in a movie? I just finished redoing the behind-the-scenes HTML for the site, so errors may have popped up. Please let me know if you spot any.

These pages are no longer being updated.

The Poem
The movie was based on a poem, written by Banjo Patterson.
The Movies
What an awesome movie! The sequel was almost, but not quite, as good. Be sure to vote for your favorite quotation from each movie!
The Music
The soundtracks to the two movies are amazing. The composer, Bruce Rowland, did an incredible job. I'm going to try to put some more sound clips on the site soon.
The Show
A new show, The Man From Snowy River - Arena Spectacular has opened in Australia. It's described as a musical, a rock concert, and a rodeo. Oh, to be able to jet to Sydney for the weekend...
Everything else is collected under the Miscellaneous section: links, site map, change log, and so on.

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