One Year Later

A year ago, Pasadena and the surrounding communities were layered in smoke and ashes as the huge Station Fire burned acres upon acres.

Fire above JPL

The Station Fire in the hills behind the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Photo by Bill Westphal.

One year ago, this is what the hills above my workplace looked like.

Even though I lived through it, it’s still hard to believe such a monster fire was so close.

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Kim and I had a bit of a surprise one morning, a couple of days after Christmas. We came downstairs to find that our fish had proliferated!


We have eight little platys swimming around now. I’d thought that some fish either kill or eat their young, but so far, these guys seem to be doing ok! They’re very small and hard to see. I thought we had six for a while, then saw a seventh, and Kim spotted the eighth. I wonder if they’re able to even eat the regular fish food flakes?

We have three adult platys right now, one of whom still looks rather big. I suppose it’s possible that we might have even more babies soon. Maybe I should have asked the pet store for males!